An it harm none, do what thou wilt
I came up with a drinking game. Please, give a warm welcome to:


People from IT (or management\HR\any other sphere, if you're feeling particulary vindictive) gather around the table. Each of them asks an interview question in turn, taking the role of an interviewer or an assessor. Doesn't matter if it's your skill-set or not, you have to answer!

The rules are as follows:

1) If you can't answer the question - you drink.

2) The assessor then has to tell the answer as well and explain it, in turn.

3) People around the table can each ask one follow-up question to better understand the subject.

4) If an assessor can't answer the follow-up question - he drinks as well.

This creates an interesting balance between asking really obvious questions on which people might know more than you and asking too esoteric of a question on which you won't be able to answer follow-ups.

The end-game is simple - a fun night-out in which you learn something new from different spheres of expertise and refresh your memory on yours.